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Kraft Singles

Mingle for Singles

Kraft is organizing an event to bring together two groups that can experience loneliness - singles and shelter dogs - with the aim of helping them find love. The winter solstice is known to be a lonely day for many singles, which is similar to how shelter dogs often feel every day without a loving home. To address this, Kraft is offering an opportunity for singles and shelter dogs to mingle and enjoy a first date the weekend before the solstice. The hope is that this event will lead to perfect matches and potentially even forever homes for the dogs.

Insight: Dogs can help humans go through seasonal loneliness. 

Art Direction & Design: Ana Mitchell & Grace Martino


Find the best catch!

Oh, it looks like you already have something in common!

It starts with a QR code on the package of Kraft Singles that leads to profiles of available dogs highlighting their personalities and how to meet them

It's time to mingle! Mingle 4 Singles happens at the loneliest day of the year, but these singles are well accompanied by the future love of their lives. They get to spend time with different pups and pick the one they will share a date with 


It's a match! Hearts are melted!

There's no better way to have a first date than enjoying a barcuterie board

No need for a gift registry. We predicted this would happen!

Savor all of life's moments together 

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